Zahra reaching 4 months old

Last time whn zahra was @ day 1 of life n kept waking up every 1/2 hour to nurse, i told myself that soon it will pass..n it she slept like a ‘real’ baby for 6-11 uninterrupte hours.phewww


zahra amani in da house!




alhamdulillah, safely delivered a baby girl 2.95 kg on July 10, 2012 @11.59pm..
post induction times one in the morning,
went through active phase of labour starting @ 9 pm for two hours,
pushing for 10 minutes n had 1st degree tear
thank you to all for your prayers especially my birth partner, who was my mum
( hub afraid of blood ) who kept praying for me throughout the delivery process
alhamdulillah managed to survive without epidural ( almost request for it until i felt bearing down )
my baby girl cried loudly right after she was born, eyes wide open n peed on me while midwife was checking my perineum ( mischief!)
glad i didnt request for epidural ( hey, i could bear the pain, alhamdulillah, congrates to me! ) coz i can tell my big girl later how the pain was
funny thing was i thought i just about to poo poo when it was actually time for me to push
right now coping with motherhood, confinement ( STRICT!) and breastfeeding
she’s the greatest gift from Allah…thank you, Allah

kuih badak kelantan

hmmm ni sbb tgk msterchef la ni
tetiba mari angin nak buat kuih
kegemaran hubby..kuih plg murah katenya
selalu beli kat skolah dulu
saya x la suka sgt tp sbb dia suka ape salahnya try buat,kan
hari tu blk kampung tgk dia mkn smpai x nyempat nak offer org pon huh


senang je nak buat..budak2 pon blh buat
tipsnya kalo letak lg byk kelapa parut,lg sedap dan lembut kuih tu
rasanya lagi sedaplah drp yg beli tu,hehe puji sendiri
sbb lagi lembut, hari tu liat sikit
kalo yg biasa jual tu bulat2 tp saya buat leper stail kuih getas versi utara
tp benda yg same je…

1/4 paket tepung pulut ( dlm 250g or 2 cawan setengah..agak2 je )
1 cawan kelapa parut muda
Secubit garam
1 cawan air atau lebih
Gula 1/2 cwn + 1/2 cwn air utk wat sira
Minyak-untuk menggoreng

-Gaul tepung pulut dan kelapa parut hingga sebati bersama air
dan garam sampai tepung tak melekat kat tangan.air tu tambah sikit2
-Bentukkan doh bulat2 kemudian leperkan atau ikut sukehati huhu
-Goreng hingga kekuningan sikit
-Masak gula dgn 1/2 cwn air sampai mendidih dan gula pekat dan berbuih.
-Tutup api,masukkan kuih yang digoreng tadi,gaul sehingga gula melekat.
-Sejukkan sebelum dihidang, siap!

menghitung hari..

hari2 yg berlalu terasa begitu lambat
mama menanti dgn penuh kesabaran
papa,nenek,mak su qelah pon dah x sabar rasanya
hmmm bila zahra nak keluar ye
semoga kita semua selamat dan dipermudahkan,amiin
mama akan rindukan saat2 zahra menendang2 mama,
skg ni pg2 time subuh kaki dia yg comel tu menjalar sampai ke tulang rusuk mama,ye
pusing2 buat summersault,
tersedu2, nak meninggi agaknya
minggu lepas mama g scan
dr tunjuk muka sayang tgh hisap tangan
suke ye,hisap tangan..
dulu pon tangan kat muka jugak

mama harap mama dpt bagi yg terbaik utk sayang…
because i love you and papa sooo much


benefits of bifidobacterium lactis in infant formula

first of all, i would like to state here that i strongly believe that breastmilk is the best milk of all
that is, if the mother DOES has milk supply from the moment her baby was born
but what if she DOESN’T?
some people do not produce milk until day 2-3 of delivery
so how do they feed their newborn then?
tap water?( more dangerous ) or just let that tiny lil buds fast and starve first?
it’s true no matter what, the mothers should let their babies latch on their breast eventhough
there’s no milk yet.. to promote milk production
a friend of mine make me realized reason behind why so many jaundiced babies in NICU..
minus from ABO blood incompatibility, infection, bla bla…
it’s because of dehydration and hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ) as babies have to ‘fast’ first
before their mothers produce milk
yes, some babies especially big ones eventhough mother is not diabetic will be hypogycemic
as sugar supply is cut off the moment they were born
so to cut the story short, ( it’s already long actually,haha )
i would rather not let my baby became jaundiced..
being poke here and there to take blood for serum bilirubin ( been there, done that poking stuffs )
so i decided to ‘betray’ my principle of mummy’s milk only..
but it’s only for awhile ( fingers crossed for high breastmilk supply )
so i did some survey regarding best newborn formula in market
and found out that Anmum Infacare has this bifidobacterium lactis,
a prebiotic to promote probiotic or good gut bacteria apart from DHA,nucleotide,bla,bla
i think some other formulas have it too
at first i was reluctant to buy, worried that it will cause diarrhea
but yesterday my mum already bought one,smallest package
so i did some research, turns out our breastmilk also has this kind of bacteria actually
however, it’s not suitable for preemies due to risk of NEC



got info about that here

you don’t have to be agree with me, though 🙂
that’s just my opinion regarding giving formula first if mother does’nt have breastmilk yet

Nanny : checked !

time2 nak branak nilah macam2 timbul cerita pasal baby kat taman asuhan
sebelum pregnant dulu x de plak,kan
maybe dah nak jadi mak so lebih concern pasal berita2 macam ni
sebelum ni buat survey kat mana nak hantar baby lepas masuk kerja nanti
susah sikit sebab mama maybe kadang2 kena kerja malam,
and kalau hubby outstation mase tu macamane ye?
survey kat internet taman asuhan, individual yg bolah jaga baby
tapi masalah jauh dari rumahla plak
nursery masa x flesibel..malam x blh hantar
lagipun jaga ramai bebudak, baby kecik lagi
so mintak tolong staff hubby tolong carikan
alhamdulillah, dapat sorang Muslim kat area yg dekat jugakla dgn rumah
boleh jaga malam
umur dalam 40’s, ada anak sorang darjah 4.. Malaysian, rajin katenyer
and guess what, she might be doing housekeeping also!
on weekendla kalau dia nak, boleh panggil datang hehe
nasib baik dia nak jaga baby mama sorang je
sebab dah x larat nak jaga ramai2 katenye
mama harap boleh bergantung harap pada dialah
semoga dia dapat jaga Zahra dengan baik,amiin
so isu ni boleh dikatakan selesailah, insyaAllah
kalau kita buat baik dengan org,insyaAllah akan dibalas baik 🙂
so, baby boleh dah kalau nak kuar skarang..hehe


i want to…

getting more breathless n sleepy now

after delivery, i want to…
1.lose weight badly! im way too heavy now…
2.tidy up our room back at occupy baby cot..
have to get rid of the landlord’s ugly closet!huh i wish to put it in the store
need more space for me to move about especially when waking up at night to BF,
a lil bit of space for nursery also
3.get rid of things in the store and ‘walk-in-closet’ hehe
lots of paperbags,plastics
need to change the comforter
tidy up other comforters
4.the kitchen! must look horrible now in my absence huhu
buy new dish rack
must use space available in the kitchen kabinet
clear the freezer to occupy EBM ( expressed breatmilk ) insyaAllah,amiin
5.change dining table’s ‘cloth’ or what is it called? hehe
6.change bamboo carpet with playmat, more comfy to lie down..
so the bamboo carpet will go next to dining table
7.i want babytv !! hehe
8.clear the washing room…sigh

seems like a lot of clearing up needed..hope zahra will be a good and easy baby, amiin
mummy has lots of work to do, darling!